150 Inch Big Screen Movie Theater TV Projection Kit


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Why pay for a big screen TV or LCD projector? Now you can make your own!

Works with Tablets, Small TVs, Computers and Smart Phones!

No wiring or fancy tools required. –  Along with the lens and instructions we provide, the kit uses basic and  inexpensive materials that you probably already have around your home.

This is a fun project that really works!

Our kit includes a high quality fresnel lens & easy to follow plans.

You can turn any tablet, small TV, smart phone or computer into a projector!

You can control the size by moving your projector closer or further away from the light colored wall or screen you are projection to. Don’t have room for a larger screen, simply adjust it down to as small  as you want. Want to impress the friends for Monday Night Football, then push it to the max.  

This is not a miracle device. You will have to construct the projector housing and attach the included  lens. There is effort involved, but it’s very simple and anyone can do  it. This is a simple, non-electronic device that even kids can help  make.  If you have no interest in making anything, then this is probably not a good fit for you.

 Our kit includes a Quality Fresnel Lens Specificall

Below is a diagram which shows how fresnel lenses differ from traditional convex lenses:

Below is the lens you will receive:

What comes with the Kit and What Else will you Need:

This kit comes with the required fresnel lens and web based full color instructions only. All additional materials can usually be found in your home but can also be purchased  locally.  This product will not harm your tablet or TV, nor is there any disassembly of your current equipment required.  You can remove your  phone or tablet in seconds for normal use. This is a simple,  non-electronic device that will enlarge and project your devices image on to any light colored surface. A light colored wall or projector screen works best.  It’s great for movies, presentations  or gaming.

Each step is fully illustrated,  detailing every part of the process. No technical skills are required,  however it is critical that you follow the plans exactly.  If you need any assistance during the process, you are welcome to e-mail use – we are happy to help.

What is it?

This simple device sits in front of your screen and will turn it into a projector capable of projecting  images on to any flat, light colored surface such as a wall, projector  screen, shower curtain or ceiling.  A typical 13 or 19 inch TV screen,  for example, can be converted into a 40 to 75 inch display with very  little distortion.

The basic idea of this product is simple, it just takes some additional  steps to make it work correctly. These steps are the key.

The instructions are easy to follow and can usually be completed in about 1 hour or less.

All you need is our kit which includes the Lens and web-based Instructions which contain loads of full color images and diagrams.  You also need your existing small TV, tablet, desktop, laptop or cell phone, plus a few ordinary items and tools such as cardboard, packing tape, a tape measure and carpenters knife or sharp scissors..

Questions & Answers:

I have tried to answer all of the  questions that customers might have. However if your questions are not  answered here, please contact me.

Is it difficult to assemble?

The projection system is easy to assemble and usually takes less than one  hour. Complete color instructions and diagrams are provided with your  order on our website and can be printed.  There is no wiring or complicated electronics and you will not have to take your device apart. Anyone can do this. You do not need special skills. And I am always available for assistance

What Comes in the Kit?

(a) One (1) Fresnel Lens – 7″ x 10.25″.  It has 3X magnification which is optimal for this application.

(b) Instructions – This is a multi-page site which has loads of high quality images, diagrams  and detailed instructions on how to build the projector.  You can also  print these plans, however printing is optional and not necessary to  build the projector.


This kit comes with the required  Fresnel Lens and complete instructions. All other materials you should  be able to find around your home or locally for very little or no money. If you build the projector housing out of Cardboard, your additional  costs could be $0. However some builders prefer to build their  projectors out of thin wood or to encase their cardboard projectors in  fabric or felt for a nicer appearance. This is optional and depending on if you already have the materials or not, may increase the costs.  I  recommend you first make the projector out of cardboard. Once you have  tweaked the projector and know the exact dimensions and are happy with  the performance you can then either dress up the projector with fabric  or rebuild the projector case out of wood. However building the case out of wood is absolutely not required and in my opinion just makes the  projector heavier and harder to move around. I like to keep them light so that I can attach and remove them from my TV very quickly and easily for normal TV viewing.


Do I need to buy a special screen for it to work?

No, any light colored wall or ceiling will work fine.  You can also use white sheets or shower curtains.  An actual projector screen will reflect the most light (10 times more than a wall with flat paint). If you do not have access to one and would like to make one, our instructions show you how to make one for just a few dollars.

How does the picture quality stay clear?

The image will lose some picture  quality. The larger the projected image, the dimmer and grainier it will  be. Although much larger images can be produced, a good rule of thumb is that a normal small TV or computer monitor will produce a good quality  image up to about 50 to 75 inches.  Phones and tablets will be much smaller.  As with all of these types of projectors, the image quality will  degrade as the image size is increased. You can increase your TV’s  brightness level to increase the image brightness. Larger TVs can  producer larger images with less distortion, but it’s easier to work  with smaller TVs or tablets.

Will the image flip upside down?

Yes, but it’s easy to correct.  For tablets and phones you can just flip the device over.  Depending on how it’s siting, you may need to lock the screen so that the device does not auto rotate the screen as you are flipping it.  For TVs, the simplest method is to just flip the TV over. There is also an electronic method we will show you which only works on older CRT tvs (the ones with the big back end). 

Will the image and be reversed?

Yes.  This means that uncorrected, text on the screen will show backwards.  For most movies, this is not a problem unless there is a lot of text shown on the screen.  This problem can be easily corrected using a small mirror as shown in the diagram below and fully detailed in the included instructions.  

Does the Room have to be dark to view the image?

The room should be dim to dark for best viewing. Bright light will wash out the image and make it harder to view.


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