5 Pack of 3X (300%) Magnification Full Page Magnifier Fresnel Lenses 7″ x 10.25″


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Wholesale Pack of 5 Full Page Fresnel Lens Magnifying Sheets. Great for reading newspapers, books and menus. Each 3X magnification sheet measures 7 x 10.25 inches with no boarder. They are made from Flexible high quality optical PVC. This allows them to be thinner with less distortion then thicker 3X magnification sheets and also makes them very lightweight and easy to hold. Optical PVC is also virtually shatterproof. Despite being flexible, they can still be held level over a surface with just 3 fingers on one corner or a side as pictured. Each sheet is protected in a reusable protective plastic sleeve.

Lens Specifications:
7.00″ x 10.25″ (Inches).
Thickness: 0.4mm.
Weight: 26 grams.
Material: optical PVC.
Groove pitch: 0.3mm.
Focal length: 300mm.
Magnification: 3X.
Quantity (5 per pack).


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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 9 x 12 x .01 in